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Portuguese residence permit for the whole family

Assistance in the procedure of obtaining a Portuguese residence permit based on remote passive income (visa type D7).

Hypercasual game developer

Consultation on labor and tax legislation. Assistance in structuring contractual relations with employees of different nationalities in different jurisdictions.

Turkish citizenship for real estate investments

Accompanying an applicant with a child in the procedure of obtaining Turkish citizenship on the basis of investments in real estate on the terms of shared ownership.

Grenada citizenship for families with children

Comprehensive support for families with children to obtain Grenadian citizenship based on investment in the local economy.

Private investor

Complex support of investment project realization by means of a loan. Consultations on ways to secure the borrower's obligations to repay the loan amount. Preparation of the loan agreement, including establishment of optimal mechanisms for protection of rights.

Options consultation

Supporting individuals on the issue of income received as a result of options granted to them, the exercise of those options, and the subsequent sale of shares received under the options. The matter was worked out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and Georgia.

CIS investor

Preparation of an opinion on corporate issues, as well as on the issues of investment of a foreign company in a Georgian limited liability company

Vanuatu citizenship for investment in the economy

Supporting a family with children in obtaining Vanuatu citizenship on terms of investment in the local economy.