IT agreements

IT contracts are diverse in the nature of the tasks they address, as they are at the intersection of law and technology. Each of the contracts we develop is unique, as we immerse ourselves in the specifics of the tasks it performs in order to create it.

REVERA lawyers are ready to provide the following legal assistance in this area:

  • Preparation and support of the conclusion of software development and software use contracts;
  • Expertise, preparation and support of the conclusion of license agreements on transfer of software rights;
  • Preparation of standard license agreements of different types, including agreements on the use of software by end-users; use of graphics, appearances in software development;
  • Development of Website Terms and Conditions (rules for the use of Internet resources);
  • Development and support of the conclusion of SaaS agreements, SLA;
  • Expertise, preparation and support of the conclusion of software rights assignment agreements;
  • Expertise, preparation and support of the conclusion of distribution agreements in the IT sector;
  • Drawing up contracts for the IT-consulting and system administration services;
  • Preparation of contracts for the development of websites, contracts for SEO services (advertising and promotion of websites);
  • Development of other agreements in the field of information technologies;
  • Review of existing agreements for compliance with business practice;
  • Review of existing agreements for the balance of interests.


Effective Soft

Ongoing consultations on issues of conducting business activities in Georgia: features of corporate office work, maintaining contractual relations, the possibility of using the digital signature service, support in communication with government bodies of Georgia.

A mobile game publisher from Latvia

Supporting the opening of a branch office for a Latvian publisher of mobile games in Georgia. Consulting on the contractual arrangements of the client's business, office lease agreement and special regimes in Georgia.

International GameDev Studio

Consulting project on development of a multi-jurisdictional business restructuring scheme with inclusion of Georgia as an R&D center. Creation of contractual bundling of business within the group of companies. consulting on application of preferential tax regimes and attraction of foreign counterparties.

IT startup enters the Georgian market

Supported entry into the Georgian market: determination of the legal model for building a business and selection of a special legal regime. Assisted in settling relations with a Belarusian company and a Swiss video game publisher on the development and use of a map for a video game.

Marketing automation software developer

Supporting the client in building cooperation between offices in several jurisdictions: corporate legal, migration, labor and contractual aspects.

Restructuring of the GameDev group of companies

Comprehensive consultation included analysis of different jurisdictions (Cyprus, Poland and Georgia) for doing business taking into account the client's distributed team, preparation of a shareholders' agreement, selection of a suitable tax regime in Georgia