Consulting on labor law, including obtaining a work permit

The REVERA team is ready to help formalize the employee-employer relationship at any stage.

REVERA Georgia lawyers will consult on the following issues

  • On the order, recommendations on the procedure for formalizing the beginning, extension and termination of labor relations, including with the heads of companies, representative offices of foreign companies
  • On the working conditions of employees in Georgia, which the employer is obliged to provide 
  • On obtaining work permits for foreigners
  • Selection and recommendation of the optimal working hours for employees, taking into account the client's business direction
  • On the correctness of registration of personnel changes in the state
  • On the granting of vacations
  • On bringing employees to disciplinary and material responsibility
  • On the ways of building a remuneration system in the company taking into account the client's business focus


International software developer

Consulting on the possibilities of conducting company's business in Georgia. Supporting legalization of the company's employees in Georgia, consulting on tax issues, reviewing and analyzing employee contracts. Organization of a legal "helpdesk" for the company's employees.

International GameDev Studio

Consulting project on development of a multi-jurisdictional business restructuring scheme with inclusion of Georgia as an R&D center. Creation of contractual bundling of business within the group of companies. consulting on application of preferential tax regimes and attraction of foreign counterparties.

Large mobile application developer

Consulting a mobile application development company whose products are at the top of the download list in the USA and Europe. Support in opening a company, hiring employees and obtaining a status allowing the use of special preferential regimes in Georgia

International holding for distribution of IT products

Consulting on establishment of a representative office in Georgia, taking into account the structure of contractual relations and the nature of the client's transactions

Large software developer

Consultations on tax consequences for employees arising from change of residence, obtaining tax residency status in Georgia, the procedure for declaring employee income due to tax consequences and the company's direct involvement in tax liabilities

Marketing automation software developer

Supporting the client in building cooperation between offices in several jurisdictions: corporate legal, migration, labor and contractual aspects.