Real estate deals and management

Real estate transactions are concluded strictly in accordance with the law and have their own specific features. In such transactions it is important to pay attention to all details and nuances.

Where property unit’s or counterparty’s ‘cleanliness’ has not been thoroughly checked or the agreement contains any inaccuracies, there is a risk that such a transaction might be later declared void, or additional/unplanned expenses/losses might arise.

To protect the interests of clients, REVERA offers the following services:

  • Search commercial and residential properties for purchase, and find commercial properties for lease according to the characteristics specified in your request
  • Checking the cleanliness of the purchased/leased object
  • Verification of the owner of real estate
  • Preparation of sale and purchase agreements for commercial or residential real estate, lease agreements for commercial real estate, support in signing the said agreements, submission of documents for registration of the buyer's rights to the acquired object, as well as registration of real estate lease agreements


A mobile game publisher from Latvia

Supporting the opening of a branch office for a Latvian publisher of mobile games in Georgia. Consulting on the contractual arrangements of the client's business, office lease agreement and special regimes in Georgia.