Residence permit of Greece in XX days

We would like to share with you a successful case of obtaining a residence permit in Greece based on the purchase of real estate.

We accompanied the whole process from collecting and analysing required documents to receiving the residence permit card.

In our particular case, the client purchased real estate properties on his own, however did not start the residence permit obtaining procedure. We had to analyse all assessable documents, request missing information and prepare all necessary documents for the procedure.

At a certain procedure stage the client had to visit Greece, but the difficulty was a valid Schengen visa absence. The basis to enter the country was the document of electronic application submission for initial grant of residence permit (Certificate of submission of electronic application for initial grant of residence permit) obtained from the migration authorities, translated into English and certified by a certified translator. 

This was only one time in the whole process when the client needed to be personally present in Greece, the rest of the process we accompanied by a power of attorney.


  1. 21 November 2023 – the documents were filed on behalf of the client.
  2. 11 December 2023 – the client submitted his biometry data in Greece personally.
  3. 5 February 2024 – the plastic residence permit card was ready. The validity of the card is until 20 November 2028, with the extension possibility based on the real estate ownership.

As a result, the lawyers selected the most appropriate process option for the client based on the actual conditions.

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