Services of the management company

REVERA acts as a management company with transfer of executive body functions, the scope of which is agreed upon with the client when signing the management agreement.

As part of our corporate governance, we offer:

  • System approach (distribution of authority in accordance with the responsibility matrix).
  • Security (we remove the risks of administrative and criminal liability of management, because the documents of your company are checked and signed in a timely manner by our authorized person).
  • Authorization control (checking transactions for compliance with the Articles of Association and corporate procedures).
  • Control of deadlines (control of deadlines for responses to requests from government agencies, banks, etc.).
  • Independence (employees of the management company do not depend on the founders and management of the client, therefore, they are not afraid to draw attention to shortcomings in the work of the company).


Large distributor of IT equipment

Legal support in resolving a corporate conflict with one of the top managers who introduced a special pricing regime for goods for certain counterparties.