Residence permits for Schengen countries, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Cyprus

The REVERA team provides support in obtaining a residence permit in Schengen countries, Switzerland, the UK, and Cyprus. 

Having a residence permit will help you to travel without a visa to European countries  (Schengen countries), unblock "frozen" assets, as well as solve other issues. A residence permit can be the first step on the way to obtaining citizenship of a European country.

Portuguese residence permit on the basis of remote income

Spanish residence permit on the basis of remote income and for property investments

Greek residence permit for property investments ("golden visa" of Greece) and for financially independent persons

Hungarian residence permit on the basis of property investments

Swiss residence permit based on an agreement to pay a lump sum tax

UK residence permit

Cypriot residence permit on the basis of remote income


Swiss residence permit under the lump-sum taxation agreement

Legal support for the client and his co-dependents in obtaining Swiss residence permits on the basis of the lump sum taxation for a 5-year period.

Portuguese residence permit for the whole family

Assistance in the procedure of obtaining a Portuguese residence permit based on remote passive income (visa type D7).

Residence permit of Greece based on real estate investments

Support in obtaining a Greek residence permit on the basis of investments in real estate under conditions when the client did not have a valid Schengen visa.