Business Club REVERA Georgia

The REVERA Georgia business club is a platform for meetings and the exchange of experiences and opinions of entrepreneurs in Georgia on business issues.


How does the Club work?

We do not set a goal to teach you “how to do business”.  We want to organize a comfortable space where Club members can get to know each other, exchange experiences in doing business in Georgia, receive valuable information, and answers to their questions, get support and inspiration for new projects.

Each meeting of the Club is focused on one topic, the disclosure of which:

  • we invite an expert (auditor, accountant, tax specialist, etc.),
  • we form a list of questions that we propose for discussion with an expert,
  • and invite Club members to participate in the discussion.

In case you have experience with this topic that you can share with other participants - we will provide you with such an opportunity. Also, all Club members will be able to receive answers to questions on the topic from both an invited expert and REVERA Georgia lawyers.

As the organizer, REVERA Georgia reserves the initiative to work through some of the questions based on the results of the Club’s discussion and highlight the answers to these questions in our Telegram channel, in the mailing list to Club participants after the event.
In addition, REVERA Georgia can take the initiative to organize a collective request to government agencies to clarify any issue.

You can also initiate a discussion, and propose your topic or your expertise for Club members. To do this, just leave your question or topic suggestion in the form, and we will contact you.

Suggest the Topic to Discuss

The terms of participation

All Club events are free for its members.

All you need is to register for the coming meeting.

Please contact us for further information:, @reveraonline (Telegram)

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