During his professional career Vsevolod has accumulated extensive experience in solving various legal issues: he has represented clients in complex corporate disputes, was the secretary of the directors board in six companies at the same time, provided legal support for the creation of large industrial holdings, participated in resolving conflicts between shareholders and participants in large business companies.

Vsevolod's experience holding senior positions in large industrial holdings allows him to be well versed within the large enterprises business processes and offer his clients the most advantageous options for structuring corporate governance system, organizing the work of the Directors Board, as well as investing paths in other companies (contribution to the capital charter, property contribution , shares acquisition, etc.) and mitigating risks of holding the companies liable management. Trustees appreciate Vsevolod's comprehensive knowledge and ability to rely on him in resolving complex corporate conflicts.

Vsevolod's expertise in corporate law has also been recognized by leading legal publications, which publish his scientific articles on problematic practical issues.

Currently, Vsevolod specializes in Armenian and Georgian legislation, leads projects on structuring and expansion of business in Armenia and Georgia, provides advises to clients on double taxation, tax and currency residency issues.

Academic publications

  1. Collision issues of international commercial disputes arbitrability //Actual problems of private international law. Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference. Cheliyabinsk, 13.12.2013. 2014 (in co-authorship with Malkin O.J.)
  2. Application of UNIDROIT principles of international commercial contracts to interpret and supplement national legislation // Private international law Journal 4 (94), 2016 (in co-authorship with Malkin O.J.).
  3. On certain issues of Joint Compensation Losses by Persons Being Members Business Companies Bodies // Economy and Law. 2019 № 11.
  4. Modern corporate law: actual problems of theory and practice: Monograph; Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation. - Moscow: Statut 2021. Author of Chapter VI "Management of state-owned shares (stakes) of business entities: problems and ways of development of legal regulation".
  5. On the correlation between the liability of the director and employees of business companies // Jurist, No. 10. 2021.
  6. On wrongfulness and guilt as conditions of civil liability of the director of a business company //Khokhozyaistvo i pravo, No. 11. 2021.


Large distributor of IT equipment

Legal support in resolving a corporate conflict with one of the top managers who introduced a special pricing regime for goods for certain counterparties.

International GameDev Studio

Consulting project on development of a multi-jurisdictional business restructuring scheme with inclusion of Georgia as an R&D center. Creation of contractual bundling of business within the group of companies. consulting on application of preferential tax regimes and attraction of foreign counterparties.

Restructuring of the GameDev group of companies

Comprehensive consultation included analysis of different jurisdictions (Cyprus, Poland and Georgia) for doing business taking into account the client's distributed team, preparation of a shareholders' agreement, selection of a suitable tax regime in Georgia

Private investor

Complex support of investment project realization by means of a loan. Consultations on ways to secure the borrower's obligations to repay the loan amount. Preparation of the loan agreement, including establishment of optimal mechanisms for protection of rights.

Options consultation

Supporting individuals on the issue of income received as a result of options granted to them, the exercise of those options, and the subsequent sale of shares received under the options. The matter was worked out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and Georgia.

CIS investor

Preparation of an opinion on corporate issues, as well as on the issues of investment of a foreign company in a Georgian limited liability company