Nika specializes in Georgia corporate law projects. Advises clients on starting a business in Georgia:

  • Registration of a legal entity;
  • Opening bank accounts;
  • Obtaining a residence permit;
  • Tax residency issues.


International GameDev Studio

Consulting project on development of a multi-jurisdictional business restructuring scheme with inclusion of Georgia as an R&D center. Creation of contractual bundling of business within the group of companies. consulting on application of preferential tax regimes and attraction of foreign counterparties.

Large software developer

Consultations on tax consequences for employees arising from change of residence, obtaining tax residency status in Georgia, the procedure for declaring employee income due to tax consequences and the company's direct involvement in tax liabilities

Marketing automation software developer

Supporting the client in building cooperation between offices in several jurisdictions: corporate legal, migration, labor and contractual aspects.

Restructuring of the GameDev group of companies

Comprehensive consultation included analysis of different jurisdictions (Cyprus, Poland and Georgia) for doing business taking into account the client's distributed team, preparation of a shareholders' agreement, selection of a suitable tax regime in Georgia

Hypercasual game developer

Consultation on labor and tax legislation. Assistance in structuring contractual relations with employees of different nationalities in different jurisdictions.