Schengen visa and residence permit

In February 2024, the European Commission proposed to increase the basic and service fees for Schengen tourist visas by 12%. If these proposals are adopted, Schengen visa application fees will be raised already before the summer vacation season.

European Commission proposals

  • Raising the basic fee for a Schengen visa from €80 to €90 for adults and from €40 to €45 for children;
  • Increasing the fee for countries that are not ready to cooperate with the EU on the return of their citizens expelled from the EU for illegal migration and visa violations from 120 to 180 euros;
  • Increase in the amount of service fees for services provided by external providers (visa centers) from 40 to 45 euros;
  • Fees for the extension of Schengen visa in the amount of 30 euros are proposed to remain unchanged.

Thus, if the initiative of the European Commission is approved, the citizens of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation will pay 135 euros for visa processing instead of the current 120 euros (visa fee of 80 euros + service fee of 40 euros).

A European Union residence permit on the basis of investment or for financially independent persons may be a more attractive solution than a Schengen tourist visa.

Example: Fee for a Portuguese residence permit card is 156 euros, while the fee for a tourist visa is 135 euros. By obtaining a Portuguese residence permit card, you can travel freely in Schengen countries for a long period of time, while a tourist visa allows you to stay for a limited amount of time.

Also, the costs of tickets, accommodation and health insurance are comparable to the conditions for obtaining a residence permit for EU countries. However, the equivalent costs of a residence permit will also enable you to:

  • Move freely within the EU countries;
  • Work and conduct business activities; 
  • Open accounts in European banks;
  • Acquire citizenship of an EU country in the future.

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